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The IDISS is a small independent detective agency in Chennai not like a large impersonal business. This allows our agency the flexibility to give maximum attention to each and every case in detective field. This means that we listen carefully to you and develop a plan of action based on mutual agreement of all aspects of the action to be implemented. We balance strong initiatives for the client and maintain the letter of the law. One should, however, be careful in choosing the reliable detective agency before entrusting any assignment.


When you are considering hiring a private detective agency, it is imperative that they function in a through and discreet manner. Whether you require the following detective services, we provide you with that peace of mind of knowing exactly what is going on. With IDISS, we assure you that we will always be on guard to catch even the smallest details. Our diverse staff of highly-trained investigators in our detective agency in Chennai will be able to assist you with any investigation need you have in the across globe.


IDISS, one of the Private Detective agency are well Profined for their optimized service in the Stipulated Filed as in honor had received many certificates, Shields and Medals for the Excellency Works in the field of detective and investigation. The Outrageous Works of this Private detective Agency Investigators had been recognized by the government and was keep on motivated by some awards as well in the field and in the Socialistic Fields too. IDISS has also received many awards for the best Detective agency in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

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