When you are considering hiring a private detective, it is imperative that they function in a through and discreet manner. Whether you require the following services , we provide you with that peace of mind of knowing exactly what is going on. With IDISS, we assure you that we will always be on guard to catch even the smallest details. Our diverse staff of highly-trained investigators will be able to assist you with any investigation need you have in the across globe.

Some of the Services We Provide Include:

Background Screening of Human Resources:
We provide the service of Background Screening of Human Resources. As hiring a new employee is a part of decision making process as careful evaluation is done before appointing an employee. We provide this service to the clients. We help in the checking of the background of an employee as and when needed; a detailed summary is produced of the employee according to that the decision can be taken.

Pre & Post Employment Verification:
We provide our services for Pre & Post Employment Verification. Our information also includes providing information about whose cases are pending in labor / industrial courts. We also investigate the criminal, labor, industries cases against the candidate. We render our services to corporate sectors that enable our clients in reducing their liabilities.

Log verification – Mobile providers:
We have services of trained as well as experienced staff so as to deliver Surveillance (mobile) services as demanded by the customers. To achieve highest levels for surveillance operations, we utilize most sophisticated modern audiovisual equipment as well as specialist techniques that ensures accurate as well as professional results.

Asset Verification (Movable and Immovable Property):
Our skilled team of experienced professionals is constantly involved in undertaking Asset Verification services (Movable and Immovable Property). We provide these services to our customers for checking several legal documents linked to purchase or sale of property. These documents are inspected in agreement to the respective acts of the government and we carefully examine the documents for any forged clause or element.

Pre – Matrimonial Verification:
We provide complete Pre – Matrimonial Verification service that involves searching for all the intricate details about the background of any individual. A thorough and detailed investigative services is done before two people are supposed to get married that helps in verifying the credentials and background of an individual.

Post – Matrimonial Verification:
We carry out a post matrimonial investigation services on either of the suspected partners and help our customers in finding the infidelity in the married life. Our thorough investigation will surely solve all your suspicions and our information is substantiated by providing photographs, tape recording, eyewitnesses, documents and other proofs if desired by the clients.

Litigation Support (Property and Banking):
We have the forte in preparing Litigation Support (Property and Banking) for the successful settlement of various crucial cases. We understand court cases could become a nightmare spoiling the credibility apart from the harassment and what else Advocates, law firms are hired can end up only arguing in the court without the support of proper evidences.

In addition, IDISS has a rich history of work that includes locating and interviewing witnesses and developing information on a case to be presented in court and all corporate investigation.

Details of Communication
Husband, wife and student phones or Cellphone contacts, communication and other activities like web, e-page, email etc.,

Loan and Cheque Fraud
We provide Detail information like both borrowers and Lenders details in types of loan, loan amount, multiple or single loan and settled and not settle loan(Default loan) and also investigate Cheque Frauds and the status of complaint stage or pending in Cheque cases.

Interest and mortgages
The highest interest rate in borrowing cash, loans, vehicle loan and other loan We are negotiate others and fix the normal interest rate in vehicles, land, and house loan etc.,

Public Action against in vehicle, House, and lands
The seizing and resale the vehicle we assure that secure your vehicles. Action against house and Land, we are arranging to secure your property.

We are collecting the most important and relevant evidence in all types of cases in pending court case and its own the case.

Anti Corruption Support
We are supporting against corruption. You can reach us through this mobile number. 8608600990 at anytime.